Small Business Adventures and Women

An entrepreneur can be described as an individual who is the owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative. This term can be used to define many individuals throughout the world who were tired of not having control of their businesses or ideas and took a chance to build something amazing. These people put all their time and hard work to build a new venture from the ground up and are involved in every decision along the way. Some of these individuals work for years before they see their ideas take off, and some just happen upon a great idea at the right time. Whatever the reason, this article will take a look at some successful women in the business world. Instead of looking at the high rollers, we will discuss some women who put their heart and soul to get where they are today. Just because you haven’t heard of them yet does not mean that one day you won’t.

Tanea Smith is the owner of She’s Got Papers. The company was formed in 2008 and is a paper company in New York. Tanea found a great market among moms, women’s groups, and even some celebrities. She is able to offer her customers a new spin on the traditional stationery. Tanea spent many years in the corporate world but felt that it was not stimulating her artistic personality.

A world away is Kamila Sidiqi. While trying to survive in a war torn country she began an unexpected business. Once a teacher working in Kabul, Kamila knew her world would forever change when the Taliban took over her city. Since she and other women were no longer able to venture out of their home without restrictions, she knew she had to figure out a way to take care of her family. With courage and a little bit of stubbornness, she began to make dresses for the merchants in the village. Every day she risked her life so that her family could survive. Along the way she created a successful business and inspired everyone who helped her along the way. She is proof that there can be good through bad and you do not just have to be a victim to your circumstances.

There are medical conditions that millions of people must learn to deal with every day. Diabetes is one of these diseases. Julie Defrusico, founder of Pump Wear Inc, was inspired by her child who had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. Julie hated that her daughter had to carry around an ugly pack to carry her insulin and decided to look for something cuter for her daughter to put it in. When she had no luck finding anything she began sewing pouches in her daughters clothes so that she had a more fashionable way to carry her insulin. From there the creation was born.

All of these women are shining examples on how a simple idea can take off and you wind up with a great opportunity. If you are thinking that you have an idea, do your research on business and understand the market. It is also smart to purchase business insurance so that you can protect your new investment.

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